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    LandOwner Shares in Hyderabad


    Buy Directly from Land Owners out of Thier Share of Villas & Apartments

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LandOwners Usually Liquidate Few Units During Construction

You can get Flats or Villas at Cheaper Rate than from Builders

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Land Ownershare
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Hyderabad's Latest & Hottest Land
Ownershare Properties

Most of the projects that you see in Hyderabad are on "Development Basis" which means the builder has not bought the land but only obtained permission from landowner, to build in the land and sell to third parties. The builder compensates the landowner by giving him or her certain number of flats or villas in the project.

Landowners would usually sell a few of these units, during construction, whenever they need money. Since they need to close the deal quickly, they will offer a discount with respect to Builder's rate.

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Hyderabad's Latest & Hottest Land Ownershare Properties